Keeping Your Intellectual Property Under Lock and Key

Posted by BNMC Engineering on Tue, Oct 30, 2012 @ 10:30 AM

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For many companies, deciding what is and what is not considered intellectual property is not an easy job. Additionally, it’s often considered a task “to be done later,” which means it often gets overlooked. Once IP has been identified, though, it then has to be protected properly, and that’s IT’s job. In addition, a policy (not to mention ongoing training) must be put into place in order to ensure that everyone coming into contact with that data understands the importance of keeping it secure.

Indeed, all of this costs money, and because oftentimes IP theft isn’t an imminent threat, it is ignored. But if you wake up at night worrying that one day, you might live out the nightmare of having your unprotected IP compromised, take a look at this brief published by Information Week. They’ll “lay out the steps for identifying, prioritizing and securing your organization’s IP.” Check it out!

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