Skype Takes Off With New SMB Services

Posted by BNMC Engineering on Tue, Nov 13, 2012 @ 09:54 AM


For years, Skype has been the go-to tool for affordable overseas calls, impromptu video chats and maintaining long-distance relationships. At the same time, millions of small businesses have been taking advantage of Skype’s affordable rates and easy interface for some time now. Just yesterday, they rolled out a new program, called Skype in the Workplace, which allows SMBs to better communicate and connect with each other and with partners/outside parties online.

Kevin Casey of Information Week outlined the three best reasons to use Skype in the Workplace:

  1. Everyone using Skype in the Workplace gets a profile page and relevant contact information, which can even be found on Google. It’s a marketing tool that could potentially expose you to new customers/partners.
  2. You have the ability to create open meetings, or “opportunities.” If your business has an expertise you want to share with others, you can schedule an open meeting where anyone interested can attend. It’s like a webinar, but more casual. Great sales or collaboration opportunities could result from this feature.
  3. With its integration with other social media tools like LinkedIn and Twitter, it’s a powerful connection tool. You can find someone on LinkedIn, see their Skype video conference line, and have an exceptionally easy way to move your conversations forward. You can also comment on other business’s “opportunities,” much in the same way LinkedIn lets you endorse or comments on someone’s skills.

For more details about Skype in the Workplace, read the full article!


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