Do You Seriously Still Think Your Email is Private?

Posted by BNMC Engineering on Wed, Nov 21, 2012 @ 09:36 AM

email securityAt this point, it’s becoming cliché—someone in a position of power does something outside moral, ethical or legal bounds, and, due to ignorance or to the belief that they just won’t get caught, leaves an electronic trail of guilt behind them, allowing the authorities (and the general public) to view their supposedly private deviance/dalliance/downfall. “How could this happen AGAIN?” we ask ourselves, and in the same breath, turn back to our email and send a sniping comment about a coworker to a friend.

Will we ever learn? What is it about humans and the persistent belief that no one is really tracking our emails or online behavior?

Unless you are a skilled IT person and know how to use things like an anonymizer (and even then, you have to be vigilant), we need to remember that privacy simply doesn’t exist in the online world. It just doesn’t. Remind yourself that every single time you send an email, someone else could be (and perhaps is) reading it. Even if you’ve created an anonymous account, it can still be tracked to you.

Sharon Gaudin of Computerworld has a good take on this same subject

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