To Shop Online at Work, Or Not?

Posted by BNMC Engineering on Tue, Nov 27, 2012 @ 09:40 AM


 How familiar does this scenario sound? You’re at work, and mid-morning, you get an email informing you of a four-hour sale at one of your favorite online retailers. During a lull around lunchtime, you decide to take 10 minutes and order that area rug you’ve had your eye on. “I did two hours of work from home last night. I deserve it!” you think. No big deal, right?

Opinions in the IT world about this kind of behavior are split. Some IT managers want to put the kibosh on internet shopping during work hours, trying to minimize lost productivity and cut down on the network bandwidth being used. Others feel that since the BYOD phenomenon started, it’s hopeless to force people to fully segregate their work and home lives, and that everyone should be given the right to do a little shopping while at work.

How do you feel about this, now that the holidays are upon us? Does your organization set limits about online shopping, or do they turn a blind eye? If you do impose limits, how do you go about enforcing them?


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