Dr. iPad?

Posted by BNMC Engineering on Mon, Dec 17, 2012 @ 11:27 AM

ipad medical

Remember back when Apple unveiled the iPad? Remember the jokes about its name, and the rampant skepticism about its large, unwieldy size? Back then, everyone thought the product would be a flop. We wonder if execs at Apple ever look back on that time and laugh as they frolic through piles of thousand dollar bills.

Of course, today iPads have been widely adopted in all kinds of settings—from elementary schools to colleges to offices to hospitals. It’s been surprising to watch healthcare, often the most slow to adopt new technology because of considerable privacy concerns, embrace use of the iPad.

Computerworld posted an excellent slideshow which highlights the myriad ways in which healthcare institutions have been using iPads. From being able to illustrate medical conditions directly to a patient, to helping patients connect virtually with doctors, to making electronic health records more user-friendly, to improving surgery preparation and recovery, the iPad does it all.

Check it out. Who knows—it might inspire you to start using the iPad in different ways in your business!


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