iPads, iPads, Everywhere!

Posted by BNMC Engineering on Mon, Jan 28, 2013 @ 09:23 AM


Imagine this—you go on a vacation and the resort where you’re staying gives you an iPad to use as you please. You can order room service, take photos, watch movies, and make event reservations with it. All your technology needs are taken care of in one simple device. 

This set up is actually what guests on Royal Caribbean cruise lines can expect in their on-board suites. The iPads are free to use as the guest pleases, and are then wiped clean by the company’s IT department in a matter of hours before the next group of passengers boards the ship.

It got us thinking about using iPads in service environments, whether on a cruise ship, at a hotel, in a restaurant or in the hospital. Do you use iPads in your service environment? Do your customers like them? How does your IT department stay on top of the maintenance of the machines? 

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