Lighter, Faster Email

Posted by BNMC Engineering on Thu, Feb 14, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

mailbox app

If you’re one of those rare, enviable birds who can sort, categorize and manage your email effectively, stop reading now. The rest of this article is for those of us who not only feel overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of email we receive on a daily basis, but who admittedly aren’t managing it in an efficient, streamlined way.

Mailbox is the hottest new mobile app for iPhone and Gmail (hopefully an Android app will be rolling out soon) that enables users to sort, delete, file and otherwise efficiently manage email. A swipe to the right archives or deletes a message. A swipe to the left saves emails that are important but not urgent for later. Suddenly, inbox zero doesn’t seem to be such an implausible, impossible dream.

The app is operating on a reservation system right now, which means that you can download the app from the Apple store, but can’t use it until your reservation is up. Over 250,000 people have already signed up, so get in line—inbox zero is only a few clicks away.


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