Google’s New Pixel

Posted by BNMC Engineering on Mon, Feb 25, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

chromebook pixelJust this week, Google unveiled the newest product in its Chromebook line—the Chromebook Pixel. Featuring a lightning-fast Intel Core i5 processor, the Pixel is a touchscreen laptop that features Google’s web and cloud-centric Chrome OS.

Designed to steal market share from the Macbook Air, the Chromebook Air offers users beautiful design (although it’s about a pound heavier than the Air), 1 TB of Google Drive storage free for the first three years (a $600 value), and a seamless experience for those users looking to work mainly in the cloud. One of the most appealing features will be available in a few months, when Google integrates Quickoffice into the Chrome browser, resulting in the ability to edit Word and Excel docs natively in Google Apps.

Cost for a 32 GB Wi-Fi version is $1,299 and the LTE version (62 GB) is available for $1,499. Read more about the Chromebook Pixel here

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