Demand for IT Security Experts Skyrockets

Posted by BNMC Engineering on Thu, Mar 14, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

The demand for skilled IT people, and especially cybersecurity experts, has been steadily increasing. According to Burning Glass Technologies, over the past five years, demand for IT security workers has “increased 3.5 times faster than demand for other IT jobs and about 12 times faster than for all other jobs.”

cyberSecuritySecurity engineers and analysts were the two most sought-after positions, with security analysts accounting for 25% of the job postings. Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, San Diego and Richmond, VA round out the cities where demand for these positions is high.

As more and more companies have a need for this type of position, demand will continue to increase. The unknown is whether or not there will be enough qualified people to meet that demand, which in turn can cause a strain on the current workforce.

Has a lack of qualified security experts affected your business? Are you planning to hire in this area within the next year?

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