Social Media “Universities”

Posted by BNMC Engineering on Thu, Apr 18, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

describe the imageSocial media is tricky—because the very nature of it is intended to reach the masses, many users think they truly understand it. Recent college grads often tout the fact that they’ve been ”digital natives” since toddlerhood, and some companies confuse proficiency with Facebook or LinkedIn with the ability to truly understand the landscape and strategy of using social media as a channel in integration with other channels (online, print, webcasts, etc.).

So, what does any enterprising social media company do to solve this issue? Build a social media “certificate” program, of course. HootSuite, the popular social media management tool has formed HootSuite University, where, after hours of instruction and several exams, students receive a certificate in social media, and are added to the HootSuite social media consultant directory. Other companies like HubSpot, Media Bistro and Harvard Extension School are offering similar programs, and many other universities and companies are launching programs within the year

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