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3 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone From Being a Distraction


Let’s face it, the thought of leaving your house without your phone is a nightmare. We take these devices everywhere; and why not? They are powerful computers, with an amazing amount of integrated software, and a touch screen that fits in most pockets. Unfortunately, these devices are also powerful computers that feature apps that can broadcast extremely distracting content. 

Smartphones as Distractions

It’s not that surprising that smartphones can be productivity killers. The average person checks their phone every 12 minutes. It’s so bad that many mental health professionals cite this as an action that causes a lot of mental health problems. At work, checking your personal device four-to-five times an hour can really stunt your productivity. 

We get it.

There is TikTok and YouTube and Facebook and Instagram to name a few places that not only capture people’s attention, they do so deliberately. They all have built-in notification systems that will check in on them if they don’t actively use those applications. This distraction is created, packaged, and delivered by these apps, and customers everywhere are left holding the bag. 

Smartphones as Productivity Tools

On the other hand, the smartphone allows businesses to have access to their human resources nearly any time during the day (and on their days off) and allow for customer interaction and productivity from wherever they are. Many businesses that started out banning phones in the workplace now depend on them for their mere sustainability. 

The whole thing is a striking paradox.

What Can You Do to Keep Your Phone From Being a Distraction?

If your smartphone is both a distraction and a solid tool for work, you need to treat it like both. Let’s take a look at three things you can do to minimize the negative impact your phone has on your business.

  • Lose the push notifications - All those push notifications stop productivity in its tracks. You can opt out of notifications for every app you download. Doing so can help you maintain focus and cut down on unnecessary distractions. 
  • Use airplane mode - Airplane mode is there for when you get on an airplane, sure, but it can also be a good tool to cut out all the things that can distract you while you are at work. When you need to buckle down, turn on airplane mode and get to work
  • Hide social media apps - If you are someone that gets a lot of messages on your social media, they can be a major hindrance to getting work done. If you hide these apps off of your home screen, you don’t have to worry about seeing them when you open your phone, reducing the inherent need to check every 12 minutes. 

At BNMC, we can help every business rein in their employees smartphone outside usage with mobile device management tools. We can also help businesses build dynamic Wi-Fi networks that can keep smartphones off of business networks if need be. Give us a call to review your options today at (978) 482-2020. 



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