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IT Management Sure is Complicated


While software is always trying to become more user-friendly, modern technology is still very complicated, and if you don’t know how to take care of it and use it, you’ll quickly fall behind your competitors, or put your business at risk.

Modern Technology is Effective, but Challenging

For a perfect analogy, let’s look at the automobile. Most of us drive one, and we can tell if something is wrong with it in a very general sense, but if you asked us to take your engine apart and replace or perform maintenance on parts, well, you’d best look for help with that elsewhere. More people than ever rely on professionals to perform auto maintenance, and while some of us might have a general understanding of the principles, we lack the deep level of knowledge needed to effectively perform said maintenance.

Computers and technology are the same way. You as the user see the side that makes the technology work for you. You might have a baseline level of knowledge from doing your research on the solution and general upkeep, but that’s about where it ends. As long as your technology works, and works well, you’re happy to leave the deep knowledge of the technology to someone else. It’s when little issues surface that things start to get a little tricky to manage, and it doesn’t take much to throw your network out of whack.

We understand your concerns about technology—after all, we are what you’d call professionals in that regard—and we appreciate the gravitas that comes with managing it for an entire business. We feel your pain, and we know just how much work goes into understanding and maintaining it.

Surface-Level Knowledge of IT is Not Enough

Business technology is more than just the hardware and software you implement to keep your employees productive. It’s more than their smartphones, the apps installed on them, and the security measures you implement to keep it all safe. In fact, cybersecurity is one reason why business IT is so complicated, as you have to keep your systems secure in order to avoid compliance fines, retain customer confidence, and protect your company’s future. Despite this, security is something that a lot of businesses feel they can cut corners on—after all, your business isn’t that big, right? Surely a hacker will just overlook an opportunity to steal your data or infect your systems.

If only that were the case. Failure to protect your network could hit your business where it hurts: your reputation, your wallet, and your longevity.

Because of the ongoing war with cyberthreats, businesses have had to take on increasingly advanced security measures. Complex passwords were enough to keep a business safe 20 years ago, but threats have evolved so fast and so dangerously that even the most complex passwords won’t be enough to save you from a committed threat.

We’re Here to Make the Complex More Simple

BNMC can help your business navigate the increasingly complex world of business technology. As a managed service provider, we have invested a lot of time into learning how to best serve businesses just like yours. To learn more, give us a call at (978) 482-2020 today.



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Sunday, 04 June 2023

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