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Remote and Hybrid Workers Increase the Need for Encryption


A lot of businesses have been building out more flexible work conditions for their staff. This is mostly due to employee demand grown from COVID-era remote work. As more leeway is given and more people are able to work remotely, businesses have an issue they have to confront: data security in transit. 

If you consider that all the data needs to be transmitted from wherever your employees are working from, and sometimes the connections they are working on are suspect to say the least, you need to ensure that your data is protected while in transit and your network is protected from any potential breach. 

This isn’t always so easy. 

You need to create trusted connections for your remote team that protect data, period. The tool that works to do that is encryption. Many of the top technology companies have realized just how important the process of encryption has become and have been adding it as a feature in their products. Even so, your organization needs to do what it can to add encryption where it can. 

How Encryption Works

Data encryption is basically deconstructing the digital makeup of some data to ensure that, if it is intercepted, it is basically worthless. Once the data gets to its destination, it is decrypted (or put back together correctly) with a key that only the recipient has access to and therefore is incredibly more secure than it would be otherwise. 

How a Remote Workforce Uses Encryption

When you have a distributed workforce, you can’t always control the security of the connections they use. Some can use public Wi-Fi, but some don’t know or care enough about data privacy or cybersecurity to do what they can to secure their home Internet connection. Regardless of the situation, encryption can be the saving grace in situations where data security is suspect. 

There are stand-alone encryption tools for email that our consultants can help you with, but if you really want to ensure that your business’ data is secure, you need an enterprise-level VPN. 

The Virtual Private Network will work to encrypt files in transit to prevent hackers from intercepting data and using it to hurt your company.

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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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