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The Right Cloud Options Go a Long Way for SMBs

The Right Cloud Options Go a Long Way for SMBs

The cloud allows businesses to improve flexibility and scalability in previously unheard-of ways. Today, we want to explore what the cloud can enable for small businesses, as well as the best options to get the most out of your solution.

Software as a Service

With SaaS, even small businesses can take advantage of software applications that would have previously cost them large sums of capital. Rather than purchase licenses to download and utilize software solutions, businesses can instead access them through the cloud with subscription services, a prospect which also gives them access to the most recent version of the software, no installations or updates required. The cloud gives businesses access to pretty much any type of software you can imagine, including customer relationship management (CRM), project management, and accounting software.

Infrastructure as a Service

With IaaS, businesses also have the opportunity to implement virtualized computing resources which are accessed through the Internet. Small businesses can implement computing infrastructures that they might not otherwise be able to due to physical space limitations, budgetary restrictions, and more. With the cloud, you can transcend the limitations of physical infrastructure and reduce your operational costs while improving flexibility.

Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service gives businesses the chance to complete development and deployment of new applications and resources. PaaS gives businesses the chance to develop, test, and deploy their applications without needing to manage the infrastructure powering it. With all manners of services, hosting, database management, and development tools at your disposal, a PaaS solution can ensure development proceeds as planned, or perhaps even improved.

Hybrid Cloud

With the hybrid cloud, organizations can take advantage of the benefits offered by both public and private environments. SMBs can take full advantage of the flexibility and scalability of public cloud infrastructures while also allowing for security of sensitive data in your important applications. The hybrid cloud also allows for greater cost control and provides the balance between security and flexibility.

Cloud Storage

SMBs also require data storage, and the cloud is a great option that is both secure and scalable according to your company’s needs. Small businesses can also cut down on physical storage devices and the costs of maintenance and upgrades by moving in the direction of cloud storage. With platforms and features like data backup, file sharing, and collaboration methods, cloud solutions are great for providing anytime-anywhere access to manage data how your organization sees fit.

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