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Use Mobile Devices to Enhance Collaboration Between In-House and Remote Workers


Mobile devices have made a huge impact on businesses and their operations, particularly as the workforce has become so dispersed. With collaboration now so critical, let’s talk about how you should be using mobile devices to maintain the connection between those working in and out of the office.

Mobile Devices Bring a Lot of Benefits for Businesses

When used as a part of a Bring Your Own Device policy implementation, mobile devices are incredibly useful for your business to utilize. Not only is there the cost savings that your business can enjoy by allowing team members to use their own devices for work purposes, but using these devices enables your team members to work more effectively…part of which is the capability to collaborate with one another.

Let’s explore a few ways that mobile devices can be used to help boost your business’ collaboration.

Mobile Devices Allow Your Team Members to Work from More Places, In and Out of the Office

It’s important to remember that, despite the term being primarily associated with smartphones, “mobile device” applies to a much more diverse range of hardware. In addition to smartphones, you and your team could be using tablets or even laptops.

This means that remote work can expand beyond just working from home. People traveling for business can still accomplish the tasks that they could from the office or their homes. Some have chosen to take advantage of this mobility and have gone so far as to become digital nomads. While we aren’t suggesting that this is the best option for everyone, it does really exemplify how effective mobile options can be.

On the other hand, mobile devices can also make collaboration within the workplace itself a lot easier. Take, for instance, meetings. Lugging an entire desktop workstation into a conference room is—in a word—impractical. A laptop or tablet, on the other hand, is quite literally made for this kind of flexibility.

This Kind of Mobility Lends Itself Well to Collaboration

When people are able to work from wherever they are, collaboration is easier to facilitate in terms of opportunity—in the office, a mobile device is easier to use where it is needed, and outside the office, a mobile device allows you to bring your productivity and communications hub with you. People being away from their desk is just less of an issue, eliminating obstacles that would otherwise put a damper on productivity.

Trust Us to Help You Make the Most of Your Business Processes and Communication, In and Out of the Office

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