Technology Alignment

Technology Alignment

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Technology alignment refers to the process of ensuring that the selection, implementation, and use of technology within an organization are closely aligned with its business objectives, strategies, and requirements. It involves integrating technology solutions and systems in a way that supports and enhances the overall goals and operations of the organization.

Technology alignment involves two key elements:

  • The first is developing standards and best practices using a Standards Library.
  • The second is performing assessments to align clients against those standards.

At BNMC, our Standards and best practices are determined based on our Standards Committee, made up of members including our vCIO, Centralized Services, Service Desk as well as our Leadership Team.

Company standards alignment requires a technical review that occurs onsite. Monthly or Annual onsite visits depend on client size and technology. Your first Technology Alignment visit occurs during onboarding and then the follow up visits will determined during your vCIO meeting.

The Technical Alignment focus is to:

  • Develop and maintain technical knowledge of the client environment.
  • Perform regular proactive service as a technical lead.
  • Be responsible for upholding best practices and reporting recommendations to the vCIO.
  • Cut reactive issues by controlling the number of submitted service requests.
  • Identify technical risk and seeing technical issues firsthand.
  • Be eyes and ears for the vCIO by mastering the environment and making recommendations.

By aligning technology with the strategic objectives and operational needs of an organization, technology alignment ensures that technology investments are purposeful, effective, and provide a competitive advantage. It helps organizations leverage technology as an enabler to drive innovation, improve decision-making, enhance collaboration, and achieve their desired outcomes.

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