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Have You Considered RFID Technology for Your Business?


Business technology often takes advantage of the Internet of Things for greater connectivity and connectedness. One IoT technology that your business can utilize is the RFID sensor, which is a tag that can help you streamline processes around your office. Let’s discuss how RFID technology can be used in the context of a modern business.

Explaining RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification technology uses wireless transmissions to identify and track objects. It’s what allows a certain other important technology to work: Automatic Identification and Data Collection, or AIDC. Over the past several years, RFID use has expanded and is an important part of most industrial IoT applications and supply chain management solutions. RFID doesn’t quite work in the same way as GPS, which it is often compared to. While GPS would track the location of an item as it moves around, RFID technology instead is scanned by your staff or automated system, allowing you to count and transport an item effectively.

As you may have guessed, the biggest reason to use RFID technology is that it makes inventory management much easier. You can discover a lot about your business and its inventory practices with RFID movement. RFID can help you keep lower costs low, all while improving operational efficiency and helping you more accurately track your inventory.

Of course, RFID can be used for much more; this is just a practical example. As the solution is made more available and more affordable, you can expect RFID to be used to innovate in all kinds of interesting ways.

How RFID Sensors Work

The simplest way to explain how RFID sensors work is to explain what the different parts entail. First, there is the sensor. An RFID “tag” can be added to just about anything, and it can be picked up by a short-range antenna like an average radio tuner. The technology then uses an RFID reader to send that information to whatever database is connected to it. Your staff can then use that database to check inventory or information from that sensor.

It might sound complicated, but it’s as easy as scanning technology, adding or subtracting something from a database, then analyzing those results. It can be incredibly helpful for operational efficiency and for keeping close tabs on inventory. It’s easier than ever to look at your current stock and ensure that you’re making the best decisions about your inventory possible.

With better decision-making skills comes greater profitability. To learn more about how RFID technology, and business technology in general, can improve operations, reach out to BNMC at (978) 482-2020.

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